About us

There are multiple uncertainties in the world that we live in, and our government is overrun with the needs of the society it serves. Economic, health and educational problems all feed off of each other. One issue or problem has underlying variables that more often than not affect another one of these issues. Blue Horseshoe believes in solving problems on every level and scope. We realize that in order to truly make an impact and create effective change, our organization must address and combat all problems, and not be restricted to only one societal issue. A new era of community outreach and assistance is necessary to make sure that people receive the help that they need.

But, who are we? We are part of a new generation of social entrepreneurs that blend marketing with social action to achieve maximum community impact. Our future leaders need guidance, direction, security and opportunities that have never been available to them before. The citizens of this planet deserve true hope, and we are here to provide that hope. Many of the members of our society feel voiceless. They feel as if they not only have no one to help them, but they also marginalized and alienated from the decisions that dictate their lives. Our organization provides the tools needed to empower these people, so that we can all advance together as one. We need community organizations that make people feel confident, bold, informed and involved. Our objective is to transform our society into an equal opportunity environment that provides assistance in the areas of health, economy and education. A society with true equal opportunity for all is an economic benefit, not a liability. Equal participation on all levels by all members of our society would lead to economic growth unlike any ever seen in the world.


Our organization believes that the best way to reach those in need in the society we currently live in is to utilize the internet, which is hands down the most viable tool in this day and time. Applications, digital media, webinars, and cyber lectures are our primary tools for maximum exposure of our services.


Our programs and workshops are another way we provide community assistance. Although much of our outreach is digitally focused, some are based on human interaction, through group and one on one meetings that provide valuable information and emotional support to those in need. Our programs address a wide range of issues, including but not limited to:


Our planet is dying. We can see the effects of our industrialized society on a daily basis through natural disasters that are destroying our society. These environmental problems have led to other issues that also need to be addressed. Our organization considers our environment problem as broader problem that must be solved on different levels, and those levels are based on the three general areas that our organization focuses on. Through symbiotic initiatives these problems can be solved simultaneously.


As the spectrum between the haves and have-nots becomes more and more broad, the problem of rich and poor becomes even more prevalent. While many organizations and our own government see this problem, few within both of those groups have any solid solutions. New and innovative ideas are needed and the courage to execute those ideas is necessary in order to bring those in poverty out of their suffering.


Our planet isn’t just dying, our nation and all nations are falling apart. Our dependence on the same industrial materials that ushered in a new age of prosperity are now the same materials that are falling apart and destroying our environment. New and innovative building materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly need to be utilized, and research must be funded to create and improve on new technologies that can create an entirely new workforce and industrial age that will surpass the one that we have pioneered.


Our environment has been ruined in every way possible by the industrial revolution that we created. Our air, food, water, shelter, and clothing as a protective barrier from environmental hazards has been affected by our incessant need to make profit at the cost of mankind. Our organization is in no way, shape or form against free trade and free market, but we are vehemently opposed to profit at the cost of others, and we believe that are ways to succeed in business without affecting mankind.

“Our industrial age also ushered in a new form of an age old inherent flaw in human nature: greed. Contrary to what the character Gordon Gekko in the movie ‘Wall Street” said, greed does not work. To want for more without any temperance is a self-destructive need, and can only lead to one’s downfall.”
-Kevin P Rucker,
Blue Horseshoe Foundation, Inc.
You can always count on us. We have your back.